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Buy Now, Pay Later Designer Bag Review


For someone who earns <$2000 a month, high end couture bags or clothes are way out of their league. However, these accessories and price points are an aspiration for this demographic. While there was a time when accessing such high end goods was out of the league of a certain demographic, these  days financing companies are capitalizing on these aspirations and are giving people more options than ever to access their dreams of owning a designer bag.

How Does It Work?

Authorized dealers of most things usually have a financing plan in place when there is a high priced item being billed. If you don’t have cash up front, or are overshooting your budget, you can usually work out a payment plan with the retailer in question. However, this works when the item in question is a television or a car or even a house!

When it comes to designer bags, though, there is a whole other outlook. You can either buy it, or you can’t. Because of this clear cut policy, people who couldn’t afford luxury goods were either designated to buy knockoffs or get in debt.

Despite popular belief, designer goods are an investment and can double or triple in resale value if it is a classic design. If you are keen on the buy now, pay later option, you can look at buying Louis Vuitton wallets for your man. There is wide variety of luxury items on sale in the markets and there are plenty of people who are offering viable plans to pay back.

Do your research and find a scheme that suits you and your income bracket the best and make an investment in the luxury market today. You’ll thank yourself in the long run, because something shiny and designer is definitely a pick me up on a Monday morning!

Author:Mark Burge