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Work-life balance: should you fight for your salary?


What exactly is Work-Life balance? It is described as having a balance between an individual’s work and personal life. Why is this relevant? As you are aware, with the advancement of Technology comes many a feats and amongst them making workers accessible at all times. And the fear of being looked over for Incentive/Job stability is driving more number of people round the world to clock in more hours.

Experts have stated that the compounding stress from the never ending work can have a lasting effect on Health, Happiness and Relationships. So does this mean to schedule your time equally between work and lifestyle? Not entirely true. Life and to some extent Work cannot be moulded into rigidly defined time and space, if success is what one is looking for. The best Work-Life balance will vary individually and will vary over time, and often on a daily basis which is guided by our priorities and hugely different lives.

At the core of the issues are two aspects which have to be addressed daily. They being Success/Achievement and Contentment/Enrichment/Enjoyment, which appear simple but are not. See, it’s like clasping a double edged blade; you are bound to get cut on both, if not on either side and bleed. It is imperative on learning to balance as you cannot get the full value from life without both Success and Enjoyment.

It is always advisable to enter a contract of Employment which details terms than just statutory minimum rights. United States labour law sets the rights and duties for employees, labour unions, and employers in the United States. Labour law’s basic aim is to remedy the “inequality of bargaining power” between employees and employers and employees should be encouraged to go and seek out Labour Unions to make sure you obtain basic employee rights.

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Author:Mark Burge